Wednesday, June 21, 2006

RaSpReEt'S ReVieW..x

Title: ‘TaKe iT tO tHe fLoOr’

Directed By: Furzana Ahmed, Raspreet Pabla, Ramneet Passi & Hiba Butt

Starring: Ramneet, Jay, Fuzz’s Mum!, Sanjay, Ishmail, Russel & Joel

‘Take It To The Floor’ is the trailer for the urban dance/music oriented teen movie. Starring two lead protagonists – Ramneet & Jay, we are taken into their world of love and passion for the urban dance culture in which they want to pursue their dreams.

However, the problem for Ramneet lies in the war between her traditional Asian family values and culture to which she is expected to conform or following her heart to do what she does best…dance! The fast pace editing has been constructed via a series of montage sequences/shots stealing your attention almost immediately due to the racy and upbeat style used to depict the fun and swift nature of the entire film. The trailer starts up with an empty screen complimented by the voice of Ramneet’s mum shouting at her, this works to startle the audience in anticipation of why this is happening and what is to come. Sound bridged into the next scene where we see Ramneet’s moves at the same time there is a link between both family responsibilities and ones’ own desires and dreams. You find yourself lured towards the film by the speedy dance shots being parallel to the non diegetic music used, creating a sense of excitement for the audience. One the whole, a fun and fresh watch for all...

SoOo…what would you do? Obey your parents or go to dance practice with that guy friend you’re not supposed to see? Hmm…lets see what Ramneet does...

Monday, June 19, 2006

FuRzAna'S ReVieW..x

TaKe It To ThE FloOR is a breath of fresh air. The film depicts a tug of war between family life and free will. Effectively the audience are drawn into what’s going on when the screen goes pitch black and all they can hear is the voice of a mother asking her child to ‘ Get down Right now’. This creates an enigma and intrigues the audience as they wonder why this has been said. The style of the trailer is shot in a montage sequence which lets the audience to familiarise with the genre of the film and prepare themselves for what they are about to watch. The fast dancing shots are parallel to the upbeat non diegetic music which lets allows the audience to feel a sense of excitement and anticipation.

The protagonist Ramneet challenges the stereotype of a young Asian girl, as Asian girls must remain in the household and be taught how to cook, clean and be prepared for marriage. Ramneet has a passion to dance and therefore chooses to reject the traditional values and to continue to keep her friendship with Jay, a boy who she is forbidden to spend time with as it’s seen as unethical in the Asian culture. However does Ramneet or does she obey her parents? Or does she TaKe It To ThE FloOR?

Interesting Facts

We spent days and hours freezing our brains out when we wanted to shoot a scene with Ramneet in Northolt. We did so many takes with so much effort and after all that… we ended up changing our initial idea to something else! All that for nothing!

We wanted a clip of Ramneet dancing on the streets. The location ended up to in on Allenby road. While Ramneet was dancing a freshy from off the streets decided to join her and ruined the footage that took us time to do! It was jokez but scary at the same time.

Ramneet got attacked by Nathaniel on the 6form steps! LOL hahaha

Film Review

Title Of Production : Take It To The Floor
Directed by: Furzana, Ramneet, Raspreet and Hiba aka RRFH productions
With : Jay, Sanjay , Joel,Ishmail and Russel

Interesting Fact : People thought me and Jay were professional dancers in Bombay Dreams and a few women try to shake their bum like Beyonce.

Take it To The Floor is a 2 minute trailer, that grabs your attention from the begining the music kicks in to the end fade out. Ramneet, the main protagonist is a girl reaching and working to her ultimate dream of being a professional dancer. However, the obstacles she has to overcome are the battle between the traditional Asian family values against the independence to break free. Her mother, kindly played by Furzana's mum makes it clear that she does not want her daughter to achieve her goal and persists on her to cook and clean... oh and she does not like Ramneet "hanging on streets, dancing with that boy Jay". The opening, starts with an eqilibrium following Todorov's theory

Watch out for the stylish editing, and the multiple screen shot of Ramneet dancing but, also the dance battle between Jay , Russel, Joel and Ishmail. The film trailer is the most gripping, creative but original production created by GHS students. The main things the trailer creates is enigmas between the family values and if Ramneet and Jay are going to go to the dance competition.

Enjoy, love from Ramneet

Monday, March 06, 2006


This is where the film trailer will be complete. We thought recording the fooatge would be a long process but we was wrong. Editing is the most longest thing we have to go through to make our production the best it could be. We have captured nearly all out footage onto the computer, but we still need to re shoot some scenes as they didnt come out the very best when we viwed in onto the computer. So far we have completed the opening to our film trailer along with the eye catching montage in the middle. We are really pleased with it and will be updating the lastest during the week. Fuz xxx

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

WhAt YoU LoT ThINk Of OuR BloG...

Hey people, Thanks alot for all your positive commets that you letf on the blog. All you ideas and suggestions will be considered. Furzana xxx

aww ramneet is the star of the film! looked cute in the footage we saw in class!! Sherish
Baby G(Furzana) lol ur group blog is pretty gud, MO

I think music would be vital in this production so that'd be a key thing to think about! Jatinder

I like the idea of wanting to make it in the dancing world, as it is different from many other trailers that have been done in the past! Dinni

Sunday, February 26, 2006

oNe oF oUr CuTiE's..

This is one of our cutie's :) sick camera woman! lol..
This picture was taken at the dance studio we all went to on Sunday where we got some of our essential dance footage of our protaganists.

Written By Raspreet & Ramneet :) hehe

WHat we Did On dA weeKeNd...

the group and Jay have had a hectic weekend init?????saturday nite @ da club and sunday afternoon @ da studio even though i wz l8 @ da studio opphsy...well wt can i sy baiscally Jay's footwork and ramneets moves are to be cn esepcially (beyonce shake)heheh...anyways it waz a bizi wekend cudnt get any oda wrk dun bt gta sy we neraly dun da footage 3 more shots left n all done...and we met karan and nish 4rm bump and grind dt waz wiked!!!!we al went mad!!hahah...
written by HibA Xx
... I jus had to have my eyes closed! SO typical lol.. furzana xxx

O yeh.. this is so irrelveant but we saw this buff belly dancer there and jus had to take a picture of her cos she luked amazing..

Here is Me and Hiba all haps.. cos we gettin our work done

Welcome Into The World Of Jay

See, everyone loves Jay's footwork and the way he engages with the crowd, there is an exclusive scene you lot got to watch out for me and Jay dancing at some club, people he cleared the whole floor people were going crazy. Not only, that his body popping allows me to move my hips so, we look good together dancing ( one may say)!! Keep it locked and see him dance, some pics wil be coming up soon of him and then you lot can definitely be 'wELcome into The wOrLd of Jay'.

Written By Raspreet & Ramneet

StrEeT SaLsa..

See I told you lot we going to have a combo between street and salsa , you can catch a few pics with me and my dancing boy Sanj, struting our stuff. A very long process.... he wanted me to do turns but, I hate turns so I just combined it with a lil Usher fancy footwork!!!! Enjoy the pics and carry on boys and girls to TakE It To ThE fLOOr

Written by Ramneet

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Look at us move!!!!!

Hiya people, listen up!

The different types of dance has been going on for years and years from B-Boys /Girls to Tap dance. The different types of dances can be separated into illegitimate and legitimate types of dance. But, the dancers of 'Take It To The Floor' have come up with all types of dances... YAY!!

Me: The type of dance that I am going to take part in and everyone has to take notice of is salsa combined with street dance. A very hard task to undertake but, should come out as the booooomest thing you ever seen. Also, my solos should be good and the whole point of the dances is to keep the audience engaged in the whole trailer. My salsa partner is called Sanj!!

Jay: From seeing, him dance he is a sick dancer that boy can make anyone engaged in his dancing. Hopefully, we should make a good team together and vibe with each other. Watch out he doing an exclusive dance for the film trailer that someone famour has done!!!

We should hopefully keep you all engaged, excited and interested. So welcome, us to show you the best aspects of us, and that's our ability to dance!!!

Boys and Girls let's get ready to TaKe It To ThE FlooR

written by Ramneet

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Us FiLmin In ThE ColD

This was us on the 22nd feb at about 7:45pm filmin in the freezing cold. Dont go filmin after 5 people its too cold. It was cold but bareee jokez.
Ugh we look really trampish and My nose is red! But we was colddddd so excuse us :) Lol nicee rass and ramz at the bus stop. Furzana, Raspreet and Ramz at Ras's house xxx

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


today me, ramneet and furzana went to raspreets house to discuss our further plans about the trailor...however we had come up wid good ideAs which can really make a huge difference to our production...during this week we will be finishing off getting our footage and hopefull starting up out ediitng by monday next week....we all hope 2 kep up wid the good ideas and creativity.
by hiba

TyPes of DanCe

Breakdancing, also known as breaking and b-boying by its practitioners and followers, is a street dance style that evolved as part of the hip hop movement in the South Bronx of New York City during the early 1970s. Breakdancing is one of the four original elements (or 'pillars') of Hip-Hop, the others being Rapping, DJing, and Graffiti.

Breakdancing was never a term used by its original practitioners, who preferred to refer to themselves as 'B-boys' and 'B-girls'. The term was popularized in the '80s when it became more of a media phenomenon. David Toop describes breakdancing as being an adaptation of the Break, a dance popular before being replaced by the Freak (popularized by Chic's "Le Freak" in 1978), but then revived by artists such as the Nigga Twins, Spy, and the Zulu Kings. He also explains that it may have originated from a literal break in the song: "the word break or breaking is a music and dance term (as well as a proverb) that goes back a long way. Some tunes, like 'Buck Dancer's Lament' from the early 20th century, featured a two-bar silence every eight bars for the break - a quick showcase of improvised dance steps." However, in the documentary "The Freshest Kids" hip hop pioneer DJ Kool Herc insists that the name breaking originated in the slang term "break", meaning someone going "off" or crazy, just as the dancers seemed to do when driven by the right beat. Some jokingly claim that the term is derived from the 'breaking' of bones, due to several of the more advanced, high-risk movements. By Furzana xxx

Monday, February 20, 2006


What do you think of our blog?-What do you particularly like about it? What's especially impressive?-What could be improved? What's missing or could be added?
2-Based on what you've read on the blog (and maybe seen in test screenings in class) what suggestions do you have regarding what we could do to make our Practical Production really successful?-What other things could we include in the production?-How should we go about filming any remaining scenes or editing the footage during post-production (+ suggestions for music, etc.)?

Be Nice :D xxx Furzana xxx

Friday, February 17, 2006

What Influences OuR Production..

We thought long and hard on what we wantes to do our production on. We all came to the concluesion that we wantes to a film trailer to a dance movie. Similar films that we can compare our production to is 'Save Th Last Dance, 'Bring it On', and 'You Got SerVed'. All these films really motivate us to do well in this production as its relevant to our procduction.

we watched each film and found out the typical conventions that occur. We came to the concluesion that each film has an hard obstacle that the character has to tackle. All the films have haters and evil characters. For example, in 'Bring it on' they have bitchy cheerleaders that give the main characters aggrevation.

This movie also motivates us. We all watched this film. This film is slightly different from 'Save the Last dance' as the this film is about team work. This one is typically American as it invloves bitchy cheerleaders and high school outcasts. As usual, good wins evil and the nerds are the ones who make to to the city state championships. Furzana xxx

Character ProFile...

This is Our LiL Ramneet.. She is the main protagnist in our film trailer. Here she is just dancing and i caught her a good picture of her shaking her lil booty :D There are more pictures of her above.. One on which she is doing her fancy footwork and the other where she is just free stylin for the camera.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

'We can take it to the floor
Tell me wat you wanna do wit me
We can take it to the floor
Baby you dont wanna fool wit me'

What I Have Contributed So Far?

So far in the film trailer for 'Take It The Floor' the work has being going really well. To this practical production I have contributed the following things :
Our practical production has been coming on really well seeing as thought i was in Disneyland. Ramneet and I came up with the narrative and the dialogue and will be frequently referring back to it and editing it

Also i have been attending all the group meetings so i can be aware of what is being done and who is doing it. This helps our production run smoothly and been more organised. I have also been keeping track of our characters and making sure that everyone is available to shoot at the same times

Filling in the shotlist - This will help us in the practical production because we will able to see what each scene consists off. An example, is the locations , extra details and also when it should be completed. The sheets are also, a good organisational aspect to our production.
Written By Furzana

Friday, February 03, 2006

what we have done so far....

Today me and ramneet went over to raspreet's house to continue with the filming and we got another main footage done which has helped us as a group to get the filming put together quickly. Our next aim is to continue with our filming tomarrow and get another scene done and finished and hopefully by the holidays we would have put all the footage together and be ready to start editing it all....
written by Hiba

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Future plans....

So far we are trying to accomplish the following things within this week starting from 30th January.

The scenes that are going to be shot are:

  • People dancing
  • Drug Scene
  • The female main protagonist picking up a leaflet which starts the trailer.
  • Hopefully, the female main protagonist should be shooting a dance shot.

Written by Ramneet

MoRe PicTs Of Us...

The CreW agian.. meetin up at Rass's Yard..

What you have contributed so far?

So far in the film trailer for 'Take It The Floor' the work has being going really well. To this practical production I have contributed the following things :

  • Filling in the shotlist - This will help us in the practical production because we will able to see what each scene consists off. An example, is the locations , extra details and also when it should be completed. The sheets are also, a good organisational aspect to our production.
  • Attending the meetings and helping with the organisation - This will help us because I had a help amoungst my other collegues to see what should be done and when it shud be done.
  • Helped with making the props - Making a leaflet which is essential in our production.

All my contributions have been substantial to the production, because it will help us when we go ahead with the production.

Written by Ramneet.

Monday, January 30, 2006

OuTliNe tO OuR ProDuCtiOn

main narrativ

The main aim to out practical production is to create a film trailer for the film 'Take It To ThE floOr'. The film will be about British teenagers aspiring to make it to America by becoming professional dancers. However, they come from a working-class background and struggle to get the cash to enter the competition. This is the main narrative to our production. Written By Furzana

e to our production. Written By furzana

Saturday, January 28, 2006

As a group we are taking everything slowly and one at time because we do not wish for our trailer to not go well. However all of the members of the group have already participated with filming the trailer and we are still carrying on with the filming. Our aim is to get the majority of the footage done by next week or the week after so we can start editing.
written by hiba
This is the cReW..Ramneet, Rasspreet and Furzana... Hiba isnt in the pic but will appear later :)

Friday, January 27, 2006

TaKe It TO ThE FloOr

Our 'Film trailer' is going to be called 'TaKe It To ThE FloOr'